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Your dog is a loved member of your family so when you are looking for a trainer to guide you, you're looking for not just help, but also compassion and understanding.

At Big City Dogs our clients and their dogs are special... so special they become members of our Big City Dogs family!

City dogs have special needs with special training requirements. Although the natural habitat of canines is not the city, dogs are adaptable and when shown how to live happily within a city environment, they become wonderful family partners and companions.

City Dogs are unique in that they have to deal with so much variety and an assault each day on the canine senses of sight, sound and smell.

A City Dog has to

  • Adapt to the urban forest, the concrete jungle and the wild life of the city.
  • Be polite and a good citizen around people of many different races, color and dress.
  • Be able to deal with the unexpected, and to be patient and calm under some potentially stressful situations
  • Walk nicely in a crowd (even when crowded) and the park, among other dogs.
  • Know where to go to the bathroom.
  • Know to be quiet among people and in the home unless there is a warning to give.
  • Be a good citizen around the home whether it is an apartment or house.
  • Respect belongings of family members.
  • Be safe by being obedient, especially to come when called, sit and stay when asked. Even when distractions are strong.

Jenn Garan Guerriero of Big City Dogs brings City Wise common sense training to both owners and dogs. Her training is based on the specific needs of each family and their dog. A country upbringing gave her a love of animals and dogs especially - a love that has been carried over now into her city life. With extensive experience of the city and life in urban environments, Jenn brings a strong foundation of comprehensive approaches matched with experience and learning from the University of City Life to help owners and their dogs to enjoy the very best of living together. City living often means that dogs and owners have to be creative to enjoy the magic of the city. Jenn brings her own creativity to her training and behavior changing approaches to develop the life both owners and their dogs will enjoy.

Big City Dogs training is not just your everyday sit- stay- down approach, but one based on street savvy requirements and plain downright city living common sense.

When you want the best for your Big City Dog - talk to Jenn Garan Guerriero at Big City Dogs, the best investment for life in the city together.

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About Jenn Garan Guerriero

About Us Born in upstate New York, Jenn Garan Guerriero was destined to help dogs and their owners. Her passion for dogs has resulted in a career which is bringing her accolades from dog owners and her peers within the industry.

Following her graduation with a Bachelor's degree in Business Marketing from LeMoyne College in Syracuse, New York, Jenn moved to Manhattan to a career in advertising. This business experience provided the foundation for her ability to communicate effectively with dog owners.

It was her enthusiasm and determination to train and work with dogs that led her to the country's leading dog trainer schools to learn from the best. Graduating as a top trainer in her class from the Texas based Triple Crown Academy, Jenn certified from this leading school as a Canine Behavior & Training Specialist. To enhance her skills and broaden her ability to use a variety of methods, Jenn attended Martin Deeley's International School for Dog Trainers. Deeley is Internationally recognized as a leading trainer of dog trainers with courses throughout Europe and America. At this school she was certified as an 'E-Touch' remote collar trainer.

In addition to these top schools, Jenn also apprenticed under the legendary canine expert Captain Haggerty, who has been hailed by the New York times as the "world's most experienced dog trainer". Jenn believes that we never stop learning and regularly attends seminars and workshops to stay on top of the latest trends and training methods. She is a member in good standing of both the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT #66553) and the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP #1862).

It is however, Jenn's experience and successes with dogs in the city that has provided her with her wealth of knowledge. Jenn understands the problems of dog ownership in the big city and through this understanding, guides dogs and their owners into an ideal partnership for a rewarding and happy city life together. Jenn's passion has become the salvation for dogs and owners - she is recognized and acclaimed by her clients for her special ability to communicate and create with them their perfect companion

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