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About Us "Recently, my dog Lucy and I passed the Skills and Aptitude Evaluation for Delta Society's Massachusetts Pet Parnters. Now, Lucy and I will have the pleasure of visiting people in nursing homes and hospitals and brightening their days. When I adopted Lucy 2 and a half years ago, I never could have imagined that this would be possible. We wouldn't have passed the evaluation without the amazing transformation (really!!!) that Lucy underwent during her 2 weeks with Jenn. With daily hard work, two years later Lucy has retained much of what she learned during doggie bootcamp! Thanks so much Jenn!"
Wendy I. (Lucy)


About Us "Jenn - Just thought that I would give you a quick update on the Dudster...He is doing amazing! I'm actually considering having him tested to be a pet therapy dog (I could take him to work with me) because he is doing so well. Complete strangers continue to comment on how well behaved he is. We brag about you to everyone because people always comment on Dudley's behavior and we let them know that we have worked really hard with him and with your support/guidance. It always surprises me that people want the perfect dog, but don't want to invest the energy."
Lauren & Robert P. (Dudley)


About Us "Jenn's patience and understanding of both pets and their interaction with their owners is unparalleled. Contacting her to train our puppy Daisy, as well as to teach us how to work with her, was the best thing that we could have done for her and us. Thank you, Jenn, for constantly following up and being available for any and all questions that we have. For anyone thinking about contacting Jenn for puppy or dog training, we say - DO IT! It's the best thing you could possibly do for yourselves and your pet!"
Anisha & Michael L. (Daisy)



About Us "Jenn, Thanks again for all you help with Maggie. It was a pleasure working with you. You made training our puppy practical and easy. We have recommended you to everyone who has asked us about puppy training. Here are some recent pictures."
Matt & Rachel P. (Maggie)


About Us "I have two male, three year old Golden Retrievers, and if anyone knows Goldens, they can be quite exuberant. Gotham and Hudson had me all over the place, and were getting a bit out of control. I had tried many different avenues to help me train them, but I really couldn't get a handle on it. I was referred to Jenn Garan and after one conversation, I knew that I had found someone that could help me. She started working with us in October 2005 and it has been a complete turnaround. With the aid of remote collars, Gotham and Hudson, have become thoroughly enjoyable dogs, and I have become a better leader for them. My family is amazed at their progress. We have gone from jumping and pulling, to sitting and actually enjoying a walk in the park. I can now enjoy my dogs and they can enjoy me!"
Stori R. (Gotham & Hudson)


About Us "Jenn gave us the results we weren't able to achieve with other trainers. We saw a difference right away and our dog's behavior has only continued to improve. We would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help."
Jen & Mitch K. (Sophie)


"Jenn magically transformed our perky puppy Cha-Cha into a perfect little lady and true "New Yorkie" (in our biased and most grateful view)! She is so patient and so professional - indubitably the Professor Higgins of the Dog World!"
Ritchie & Charlie S. (Cha-Cha) - not pictured


"Homer and I are spending the summer in the Catskills. You would be proud of him/us.. After our training we have practiced the methods you taught us and Homer is now socialized. He can meet other dogs on the street and he is playing in the small dog run. We are very proud of him..I continue to work and walk Homer everyday. Thank you again for giving us the confidence to make Homer a well behaved member of society."
David & Gary (Homer) - not pictured


About Us "Jenn Garan was instrumental in helping me gain control of my 2 ultra high energy Brittany Spaniels! I had never owned dogs before, and truly had my hands full. Jenn came over for multiple one on one training sessions. I learned with Jenn how to actually enjoy my dogs once they learned who was in charge!!"
Kerry (Maggie & Anabel)


About Us "Since Jenn trained my dog Kenzo, my relationship with him improved significantly. Weimaraners are hyperactive dogs and Jenn's training techniques managed to calm him down. Now he is a remarkably well-behaved dog and I feel comfortable taking him everywhere and leaving him at home alone."
Luis O (Kenzo)


About Us "My wife and I were practically novices from a training perspective and had limited time to devote. Jenn was referred to us by a friend who used the services of Big City Dogs to successfully train a mature, unruly dog. We did not have a problem dog, but simply an excitable puppy we wanted to get off on the right paw. I felt that Jenn addressed our specific needs and yet offered a scope of training tips and techniques that allowed us to practice or introduce new behavior between sessions. We can wholeheartedly recommend Big City Dogs! Jenn is professional, courteous, honest, and the training has been fun and educational."
Kristan & Doug (Ringlett)

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