E-Touch, which uses the e-collar remote trainer, helps me with a methodology, philosophy and approach that we at Big City Dogs have developed over the years and are still developing. It is not an end in itself. E-Touch is not a magic method. Rather, it is a catalyst that can be incorporated into training approaches, which enable us to train even better.

While training your dog, we may use food, verbal rewards, tactile rewards, or a variety of other approaches. The e-collar is a tool that can be added to the training "mixture" to create something special. But the main principles of good training do not disappear; we stay creative, and do not depend on the e-collar for everything.

There is no one best approach. The most effective approach is the one that obtains the results we are seeking. And, to be effective, we work with the temperament and the particular pace of your dog. During all training, we are "reading" and getting to know your dog, adapting our program as we gain more understanding. By doing so, we maintain the true companion relationship that is essential to a lifelong partnership. Our aim is to train a dog to be able to make decisions and follow commands, while remaining a lovable partner and companion. We teach dogs to understand the code of cohabiting with people and the responsibilities of everyday life.


The e-collar is the most comprehensive training tool available to us today. It is:

  • An invisible leash.
  • A channel of communication.
  • A means to change behavior.
  • A focusing tool.
  • A method used to interrupt unwanted behavior
  • A motivator.
  • A means of correction.

E-Touch and the remote training e-collar allow Big City Dogs to transfer the teaching and training of your dog to you. Your dog will respond to your requests and commands as crisply and willingly as he/she did with his Big City Dogs trainer.



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