New Parents

New Parents

Jenn Guerriero is a Professional dog-trainer, dog owner and a mom of two active boys. She’s keenly aware of the challenges related to keeping your family together and safe while raising kids from the earliest stages of a newborn to the challenging and exciting moments of first mobility.

Her experience with dogs throughout her life has taught her the importance of early intervention in terms of dog-training. No matter how “sweet” your pup is, he is going to be challenged by the arrival of your new bundle of joy.

Until you bring the baby home your dog may believe he’s Top Dog or King of the Castle, and if that’s case he WILL definitely have a tough time adjusting when the baby arrives!

As a responsible dog-owner, it’s up to you to find ways to help him through the transition. Jenn knows this is a tough time for expectant parents. You may be stressed, overtired and even a little apprehensive about the changes coming to your life.

Your dog is picking up on those emotions as well.

Prevention is the key to success when it comes to dog training, and whether your dog is big or small, boisterous or shy, isn’t as important as appropriate and clear training on your part. When your dog knows what’s expected of him, and you can clearly and conscientiously work with him before the baby arrives, and you’ll be ahead of the game after your newborn comes home.

Let’s face it, your pup is going to be very curious about the new squeaky, smelly “toy” that’s joined the household, and simply trying to keep them separate isn’t an effective method of training. In fact, it’s going to seem downright impossible once the baby reaches the stage of mobility! Understanding the nuances and instincts of your dog will help you prevent such negative behaviors as marking or soiling in the house, lunging and snapping at the baby (or you!), or barking, pacing and other nervous and upsetting behaviors.

Don’t beat yourself up if you thought you could weather this transition for your dog and growing family on your own. If you find yourself at your wit’s end, now that your baby is crawling around the house, you’re not alone. Balanced training with a professional is an essential tool to help you keep your family together, even through the growing years.

Because she’s a mom too, Jenn understands all the pressure you feel to “get it right” and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your children. She’s also proud to say her growing boys and her dog, Facci, share their home compatibly.

By teaching you the most effective training techniques, she can help you avoid the pitfalls many parents have when they bring a new child into the household. She’s an expert at ensuring that you feel competent with your dog and your role as mother, by giving you the tools you need to master this transition. “It should go without saying, but I’ll say it now, no one should ever leave their dog alone with their child, under any circumstances.” Jenn says. The good news is, she’s clear about how to train your dog to obey your requests, so that you’ll never be in a position of leaving them alone together.

Working with a trainer is an intimate and important bond for the dog-owner and dog. When you are training your dog to be prepared and accepting of your newest family member, throughout his life, you take that connection to another level. Don’t leave it to chance, work with a professional dog trainer, who has been exactly where you are now, and one who knows how to maneuver the potential minefield of baby transition for you and your dog.

The key to ensuring a happy transition is early training. Call Jenn when you’re feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities you feel to your dog and to your child, and let her show you how simple it can be to train your dog and keep him focused throughout the entire child-rearing process.

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