Private Lessons

Many dog behavior problems are related to the home environment. This is where your dog lives with you, this is where he can learn good and unwanted habits and this is where he needs to be taught so that the good habits are developed and maintained. Big City Dogs provides an invaluable in home service where you can learn through having customized private lessons to specifically assist you and your dog. These private lessons provide concentrated learning and behavior modification sessions to give you and your dog the relationship you long for.

Private lessons can also be scheduled to fit in with your busy calendar and work times, providing you with two big advantages - a time convenient to yourself and concentrated customized training for you and your dog.

You do not have to live with the irritations and unpleasantness of bad habits and misbehavior, let Big City Dogs help you have a dog you can be proud of and live happily with.

Call to discuss your specific needs and problems and arrange for a consultation in your home with Jenn Garan Guerriero herself.

Board and Train

Services Training your dog takes time and skill. It is an art and as such you may feel that it will be more advantageous for your dog to have a short course of concentrated training at Big City Dogs Training Camp. At Camp your dog will learn good manners and unlearn bad habits. Your dog will learn in the city where he has to live and know the good behaviors required of him as a City Dog. By learning how to behave here in the city, your dog is being taught in the environment in which he/she lives (around the traffic, on the sidewalks...near the bus stops and subway stations etc...) - the environment you experience with your dog everyday.

The length of the training course is two weeks of intensive learning. The specifically designed program will be aimed at developing a wonderful and well behaved companion.

If you are planning a business trip, or vacation this may be the ideal opportunity to have your dog attend Training camp. Here he will be learning to be not just a good dog but a great dog - your dog. And doing this in our happy, healthy home Big City Dog 'schoolroom"

Through Board and train using E-Touch we can help you create a Partnership with your dog and have control both on and off leash!

What your dog WILL do...

  • Come when called - both on or off leash.
  • Sit or down ... and stay there.
  • Walk politely by your side on leash.
  • Follow you off leash in safe environments.
  • Happily behave as a true companion.

At Big City Dogs we will teach your dog not to

  • Jump up on people.
  • Dash through doors.
  • Bite or growl at people.
  • Dig holes.
  • Bark.
  • Chew furniture.
  • Climb on furniture you do not wish them to be on.
  • Steal food and objects off countertops and tables.

We do all this using the modern technology of E-Touch which allows you to communicate more clearly with your dog what you require and what he can and cannot do. In this way you create good habits that last a lifetime.

How the E-Touch Method™ helps owners and dogs simply amazes many of our clients. This method develop by Internationally renowned trainer Martin Deeley has become widely accepted throughout the USA as one of the kindest yet most effective methods of building good behavior in our canine companions. We work with your dog to make him the companion you wanted.

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